Campaigners have launched a petition to turn a "racetrack" into a safer street.

The chairman of a residents association wants to change the speed limit in South Way, Leavesden, to 30mph - drivers are currently allowed to travel along a stretch of the road at 40mph.

Judy Metcalfe, from Furtherfield Residents' Association, said: "With the bend just before Furtherfield, vehicles come round far too fast making it dangerous to turn out there.

"Ideally we would have liked a mini-roundabout to help reduce speeds and make it safer but at the very least, the speed limit should be the 30mph. This would be the same as all the neighbouring roads and help it stop being used as a racetrack."

South Way has a crossing, a play-park, and side roads.

The section between Langley Lane and the speed bumps in South Way is currently 40mph before it switches to 30mph.

The residents association is being supported by their local Lib Dem councillors. The party has launched a petition with the hope that enough signatures could prompt Hertfordshire County Council and Hertfordshire Constabulary to take action to reduce the speed limit.

Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst said: "With a busy play area and new crossing - 30mph is just not the right speed as unfortunately vehicles speed along here, as occasional police speed traps have shown.

"It must be reduced to make it safer."

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