Workers were spotted clearing away piles of waste at a camp in Watford earlier today.

Watford Borough Council's contractors Veolia were picking through and bagging up rubbish off Rickmansworth Road - two days after a fence fire at the site.

Watford Observer:

Veolia vehicles on the scene this morning

The land has reportedly been home to a number of people sleeping rough but the council said processes were already underway to evict them.

On Tuesday, firefighters were called to a blaze. Pictures from the scene after the fire was extinguished showed trolleys, clothing, and all kinds of rubbish strewn across the ground and between the trees.

Watford Observer: %

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Watford Observer:

These pictures were taken on Tuesday morning

The camp concerned neighbours living close by. The fire on Tuesday was the second in three days and there were fears further fires could spread to trees and buildings.

Concerns were also raised about the state of the camp.

Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said: "We want to prevent this happening again and will be working with the police to monitor the location to stop illegal encampments springing up in future.

"No one should have to sleep rough in our town and we have offered specialist support to those in the camp from our local homelessness provider New Hope.

"It is right that we are providing more help and support for people experiencing homelessness than ever before.

"It is in nobody’s interests to allow unsafe encampments to become a permanent feature in our town and I will do all I can to prevent this.”