A volunteer who devotes her time to comforting patients with life-limiting illnesses and their families is our community hero this week.

Elizabeth Timmons, 83, from Watford, volunteers at the inpatient unit at Peace Hospice Care and takes part in fundraising work.

Ms Timmons, who worked as a midwife in Hertfordshire for 48 years, began working with the charity 27 years ago.

She said: “Someone I knew asked me if I wanted to help out at the hospice and I couldn’t turn the offer down.

“I had visited a hospice many years before and was amazed at the fantastic work they did. I felt it provided the perfect end of life care and I wanted to be a part of that.”

As part of her volunteer work Elizabeth gives out meals and comforts patients and their families as well as organising fundraising event for the hospice.

Elizabeth added: “Helping patients and their families brings me great joy, especially when you’re helping people at their most vulnerable time.

“I think that it is so important that those at the end of their life are provided with care and compassion.

“I live by the philosophy that, above all else, you should always be kind and always be helpful and by supporting Peace Hospice Care I am standing by my beliefs.

“I absolutely love the hospice and have met some amazing people here. They are all wonderful and I love them all.

“I will continue to organise fundraising events and raise money for the hospice any way I can.”

When told she won the award Elizabeth said: “It’s wonderful, but not for me, for all the people who have helped me achieve what we have. For my family, for my friends.

“What I do isn’t for the recognition although of course it is always nice to be appreciated.”

Peace Hospice Care CEO Declan Carroll said: “"Elizabeth is an incredible volunteer who has been supporting us for so many years.

“Her commitment to the hospice, with volunteering in the inpatient unit and fundraising with her own support group too is invaluable to us as a charity.

“We could not do what we do without support like this from Elizabeth and the rest of our wonderful volunteers.”