A burst water pipe has caused severe flooding near Aldenham Country Park this morning.

It has left people in Dagger Lane, Elstree having to leave their homes while Affinity Water carries out repairs.

The water supplier said the area would be cleared this afternoon and their insurance team have been on site supporting families affected. 

The road was closed this morning after the pipe burst around 3.30am.

But Connor Simpson, 21, who lives in Dagger Lane, said the water in the area is currently like “rapids” and was being moved into a hotel room with his fiancé and baby today.

Watford Observer:

Flooding in Dagger Lane this morning (Photo Credit David Martin)

He said: “The water has damaged all our stuff. If you walk on the floorboard in the house, it is like standing on a surfboard.

“This is not good at all and my fiancé and I are very upset at the situation.”

Mr Simpson works on the farm at Aldenham Country Park, which has also been affected by flooding. The park’s director, David Martin, said around 400 animals had to be moved to safety.

Mr Simpson said: “I can’t go to work because of this.

“I don’t know how long it will be for but I have a family to support and need to be working.”

Watford Observer:

Flooding in Dagger Lane this morning (Photo Credit David Martin)

Mr Martin felt the farm would be closed for a while due to the flooding and the situation has been “devastating”.

He said: “We have no power, no water, basically no nothing.

“No one will be able to work today and I think the farm may be closed for a couple of weeks.

“Residents are being moved into hotel rooms at the moment and the situation is not good.”

An Affinity Water spokesperson said: “Our technicians attended Dagger Lane at 3:30am. The pipe is being repaired and the area will be cleared this afternoon”

“Two properties were directly affected. Loss adjusters and our insurance team have been on site since 4:00am helping and supporting the families”

“We are very sorry for the inconvenienced caused by this burst, and our engineering team is working hard on site to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.”