The family of the moped rider who chopped off a teenager’s hand with a machete has spoken out.

Leslie Ambe, the father of Che Ambe, 22, of Caractacus Cottage View, Watford, has condemned his sons’ brutal actions in chopping off the hand of 18-year-old Tyler Stevens at Abbots Langley on February 10, 2019.

The attacker was sentenced to 15 years with an extension of five years on September 4, after appearing at St Albans Crown Court via video link from Bedford prison.

Trial Judge Michael Kay QC blamed the actions, where Mr Stevens was struck “six or seven times,” on the parents of Mr Ambe for raising him in “chaos and violence.”

In an exclusive interview with the MailOnline, the father, Leslie Ambe spoke about the incident and his history with his son. He said: “I tried for years to have an input into Che’s life, but by the time he was living with me he was already lost.”

The father recalled that he had to go through extensive efforts to claim custody of his three children – including Mr Ambe - after leaving Mr Ambe’s mother, Julie, since it was “not an environment to bring up children.”

Mr Ambe (the attacker) was brought into care at 12 due to his mother’s drug and alcohol addiction, poor upbringing and not wanting to live with his father. When aged 13, he became excluded from school, then when 17 he became a victim of stabbing. He was also shortly placed in prison.

The father continued: “When he came out, I wanted him to live with me. But I could not guide him by then it was too late. He was lost. […] And he returned to Watford where all his problems are.”

His uncle from his mother’s side, Gavin Payne, also spoke to the MailOnline about the circumstances of his nephew. He said: “Che has been sent to jail for 15 years but was only defending himself. The other boy told the judge he had a knife and that he was going after Che. But Che had bigger teeth.”

Both Mr Payne and the father have clarified that the children did not want to initially live with the father. Mr Payne admitted that despite the mother Julie having addiction problems, “the kids were always looked after.”

According to the MailOnline, Mr Payne also claimed that his whole family has been warned not to go to Abbots Langley as they are on a hit-list for Mr Ambe’s actions.

After the incident in February, Mr Stevens was hit by the machete and was curled up on the ground in attempt to defend himself, with his left hand completely severed off.

Mr Stevens left his severed hand while trying to make his way to his best friend’s house for safety, where emergency services were called.

While doctors tried to reattach the hands, but their efforts came to nothing.

Officers had also found a knife owned by Mr Stevenson the opposite side of the road of the attack, which he claimed he was carrying for his own protection.