David Gauke has said he would stand as a candidate for South West Hertfordshire at the next General Election.

Earlier this year Mr Gauke was among 21 Conservative MPs who had their whip withdrawn after voting to block a no-deal exit from the European Union.

It means Mr Gauke, who has served the South West Hertfordshire Constituency since 2005, is currently an independent MP.

Speaking at a Conservative Party Conference earlier this week, Mr Gauke said: “I would like to stand in South West Herts at the next election, but if that is not possible then I am considering my options. I am not a Liberal Democrat.”

It comes after it was announced Dacorum Borough councillor Sally Symington would stand as the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for the South West Hertfordshire Constituency.

Watford Observer:

Sally Symington (pictured) will stand as a candidate for south west herts

The party, who currently control Watford Borough Council, St Albans District Council and Three Rivers District Council, felt that they were best placed to win the seat.

Cllr Symington said: “The Liberal Democrats hold 60% of all council seats within the constituency.

“It will be a tough fight but we should win – and the Liberal Democrats have a realistic chance of success of forming the next Government under Jo Swinson.”