Is it stupidity or pure greed that causes property developers to want to grab land at any social cost? The comments of Adam Hesse, planning director of Aston Meade Land and Planning, in the Watford Observer on September 20 (Council landowners should release land) make me wonder.

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Of course industry can be in the area of railway stations, that is where people work! I presume he would want them to move to the industrial sites like Sydney Road or Wemco — sorry they are gone — or the large Metropolitan Estate, long gone as well.

Perhaps he thinks all businesses should be in business parks. Have a look at the business parks along Tolpits Lane, one by one the offices are being converted to flats.

Young people do not have the option of working at Scammels, Sun Printers, Rolls Royce, etc that they had in previous years. They have to work in smaller companies and those companies have to have affordable work places accessible to the staff.

I wonder where Mr Hesse thinks people should work? Canary Wharf probably.

Steve Harvey

Beechwood Rise, Watford