Despite its tongue in cheek nature, this column attempts to tackle the big questions: how will Parliament overcome the political Brexit impasse, which country will Trump decide to nuke first, and this week’s thought provoking big-hitter: what is the greatest driving song ever?

I quite enjoy the daily commute as it affords me options. The quick route takes me onto the M25 and is best avoided. Rush hour attracts lunatics and it is only a finite time between now and being hit by white van man, or a collision with a 4x4 lady who loses control as she attempts to juggle a croissant and a coffee while driving a vehicle that is too big.

My other option is a twisty, windy route through the hamlets and villages of Hertfordshire and its oh-so British surrounds. I can pretty much be at one as a pivotal cog of the three Ms: Man, machine and music. It is in this place, and at this time, I truly feel I can let go and unwind before work commitments kick in.

I daydream of learning an instrument and, in my mid 40s, finally fulfilling my destiny of selling out Wembley stadium. I sing heartily before a phone call comes in and, during the time lag, I hear myself sing a few words, and my heart sinks as to just how god-awful my voice is. A more than capable warm up is Just Can’t Get Enough by Depeche Mode or Cars by Gary Numan. Generally I am of the school of thought that guitar riffs, and rock, are where it’s at when behind half a tonne of Japanese metal travelling at 50mph. The electro style baselines get my shoulders shrugging up and down, making it look like I am suffering from an irritable tick bite on my neck that I can’t quite reach whilst driving. After this introduction, the big boys come crashing around to play Fat Bottomed Girls, Twist and Shout and Monkey Wrench leave me sweating as I head bang and keep my eye on the road, disproving the long held theory that men are incapable of multitasking.

Even more impressive to the layman, as I forget myself and stop in a pedestrianised area, is my ability to play manic air guitar while contorting my hands at 10 to eight on the steering wheel. Moving my digits in the style of Jimi Hendrix, I come across more like Jimmy Osmond as passers-by look at me in wonderment as to how I managed to keep hold of a driving licence with my apparent tic.

Revenge by Pink and Eminen is another current favourite as is Place Your Hands by the West Country rockers Reef. Top of the shop however has to be Oasis with Shakermaker or Live Forever or possibly Stay With Me by the Faces. Those songs are the ultimate rush hour co-passenger, whereas the forget the speed limit, 4am keep-you-awake track as you traverse the multi-lane highway is 2,4,6,8 Motorway by the Tom Robinson Band.

Interested as to others opinion, I have just, at 8am on a hazy Wednesday morning, undertaken some research with a work colleague, Bhupinder. "I have given up music on the commute," she said. Dumbfounded, I asked how she occupies the time travelling from West to East London? "Audiobooks," she says. "I am currently listening to Michelle Obama’s and it’s a revelation!"

Each to their own I guess, but I won’t be changing direction any time soon as I rock and roll my way to work. As for my morning playlist, in the words of Dave Gahan of the Mode: "Just like a rainbow, you know you set me free, and I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough."