A drainage system which was described as “inadequate” and caused a series of floods will be looked at by the council following complaints.

The roads and pavements at Hampermill Lane nearby the Affinity Water pumping station has seen several floods due to a single drain being unable to process heavy rainfall.

District councillor Andrew Scarth took notice to the floodwater affecting cars and pedestrians and reported his concerns on September 30 to Hertfordshire County Council.

Following his complaints, he was told by the councils that “necessary actions” were taken to make the road safe and that the “report is now closed”.

However, on October 12, Cllr Scarth noticed once again that Hampermill Lane was experiencing flooding. He said: “I once again reported my serious concerns both for traffic but also for pedestrians including children walking to school. There is only one footway along this section of Hampermill Lane.

“How long will we have to wait for this matter to be taken seriously and action taken - does it require someone to be seriously injured before this matter is considered serious?”

When walking around the area, he noticed pedestrians having to turn around or away from the flooded roads. Cllr Scarth estimates that the water could have roughly been around 10cm high and calls the current drainage system as “inadequate”.

Councillor Keith Martin added that he has also been affected by the flooding at Hampermill Lane. He said: “There is no pavement on the opposite side of the road. Pedestrians – as I know having done it - have to walk out into the road and around the flooded area if they want to get past. The alternative is to wade through the large, deep and muddy puddle.”

Kevin Carrol, Ringway divisional manager, working on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council, said: “Our local highways team visited Hampermill Lane in response to recent flooding reports. We have been liaising with local landowners regarding water egress from neighbouring land that collects at the bottom of the hill and overwhelms the highways drainage system resulting in flooding.

“The drainage system was designed to take rainwater off the road surface and cannot handle the volume of water that is collecting here from the neighbouring land.

“We will be carrying out a survey of the highways drainage system in the vicinity to ensure it is operating as maximum capacity. We will be engaging with the local landowners to seek their co-operation to establish a long-term solution.”