A music manager is hoping to build a Grammy award-winning girl group, which he describes as an "urban Destiny's Child".

Rex Regis, 28, moved to Watford five years ago, and has been managing music artists since the age of 23.

His latest project is a four-member RnB girl group called New Faith and he hopes they will be able to sign with a record company by the end of next year.

Mr Regis found his love for writing and rapping music after a childhood heartbreak at the age of 13.

His music career progressed into managing ten years later, when he began managing his first girl group Honey Rouge with three members.

Watford Observer:

New Faith photo: Sibby

From this group, Mr Regis built his contacts and found there was a need for another UK girl group other than Little Mix.

But the group fell apart due to differences between the members and he had to start from scratch.

He said: “I was managing a girl called Ellie for two to three years, and we decided to build a group around her.

“When the first group formed, we heard back from record labels, I was able to build contacts and discovered the need for another girl group.

“But unfortunately, the girls weren’t getting along and it doesn’t matter how good they look or sound if they don’t get along the group won’t work.”

He found the first two members of New Faith - sisters Carmella and Talisha - on Instagram.

He was then introduced to Jess, who was based in Essex, by a dance teacher. After an audition, she was accepted into the group.

To find the fourth member, Mr Regis and his friends entered TV competition X Factor to get access to a room with other singers to scout for talent.

Mr Regis found Molly J outside the building wondering about on her own and invited her to the group after asking her to sing.

Watford Observer:

New Faith is the second group Rex is managing. Photo: Sibby

He has described the group as an "urban Destiny's Child" and said the girls get along well and have a strong work ethic.

He said: “These girls can sing in French and Spanish and have just hit million views on a cover on Facebook and they play their own instruments.

“They’re not just recording artists, they’re actually musicians – all these things really helped set them apart.

“They have different vocal ranges and harmonise.

"You can hear their voices distinctively and they’re all main lead singers.”

Watford Observer:

Carmella, Molly J, Rex Regis, Jess and Talisha (Gold). Photo: Ross Day Photography

New Faith have so far recorded eight original songs for an EP, have been introduced to record labels and been recognised by Little Mix after they posted their cover on their Twitter page.

He added: “I want to make the girls Grammy award-winning and I want to take them all the way and make them a force to be reckoned with."

Mr Regis is aiming to reach five million views on YouTube.

Watford Observer:

New Faith has already caught the attention of Little Mix. Photo: Sibby.

He added: “There definitely still are difficulties. Learning some routines and performing some Instagram covers haven’t been perfect first time.

“The girls have had moments where they sit together, and cry and their harmonies aren’t always perfect.

“But they keep going. They have resilience and they won’t take no for answer.

"They have come way too far to give up.”