Nearly a third of council swimming pools could close over the next 30 years.

Three Rivers District Council are suggesting that despite a recent survey from Swim England which shows that more than a third of local council swimming pools could close, that they are committed to provide access to leisure facilities.

In the ‘value of swimming’ report published by Swim England, it is believed that the current number of 4,523 indoor swimming pools could decrease to 2,632 pools in 10 years and to 1,276 around the 2040s.

The report also suggested that around 45 pools are built per year despite the decreasing amount of total pools in England.

The council have instead said that they are committed to assuring this will not happen, using the example of a new swimming pool which will be built in the South Oxhey Leisure Centre in Gosforth Lane, which is expected to open in June 2020 and will replace the pool at the Sir James Altham site.

A learner pool will also be implemented with the new 25 metre pool, as well as various other improvements to the leisure centre.

Watford Observer:

A learner pool will also be built.

The redevelopment is part of a £9million project being funded by Three Rivers to increase the provision and accessibility to sports and recreation activities for its residents.

Lead member for Leisure, Councillor Chris Lloyd, said: “Sport and recreation activities are such an important part of health and wellbeing. Three Rivers is committed to providing access to leisure facilities for all our residents and going against the trend to offer a new swimming facility with both a main and learner pool is a great benefit.

“I’m very much looking forward to the new pool being open in summer 2020.”