Watford’s former parliamentary Brexit Party candidate has accused the Liberal Democrats of not “setting a good example” after spotting them using a high emissions van despite their pact with the Green Party.

William Berry spotted the Lib Dems using a diesel 2007 Vauxhall Vivaro to transport its campaign boards in Watford three days before it announced its pact with the Green Party. 

And Watford Lib Dems confirmed the van is still being used in the town.

According to the DVLA website the van produces 224 g/km of CO2 emissions - and Mr Berry felt the Lib Dems had been "hypocritical" for using it.

He thought the party should use a more modern vehicle that omits less CO2.

Mr Berry said: “They could use a hybrid van or modern vehicle with much lower emissions (and not diesel), failing that, use a car with a large boot.

“Pollution levels in Watford are very high and reducing it is an important issue for many residents."

He added it was “hardly a great start” for their alliance with the Greens after the Green Party agreed not to field candidates in places where the Lib Dems have the chance to beat a Brexit supporting rival.

But Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Watford Ian Stotesbury said the party used the “biggest van we could find” in order to limit the number of journeys needed to transport the campaign boards.

He continued: “This was the most environmentally friendly and fuel efficient thing we could have done”.

“I got into politics to lead on the climate issue. That's what Liberal Democrats across Watford are doing. We've declared a climate emergency at both Watford and Three Rivers Councils. We are bringing in new bike and bus schemes, as well as other green initiatives.”

The Green Party did not want to comment.