A village has been plagued by at least six burglary cases overnight. 

Thieves targeted jewellery and cash at homes, many of them in London Colney.

There were six offences in London Colney last night (Wednesday, November 20), just days after addresses in Marshalwick and The Camp were burgled.

DI Alex Warwick said: “Jewellery is still top of the list for burglars so please make sure you store valuable and sentimental jewellery in a non-obvious place.

“It’s also worth taking photos of your jewellery and registering it on www.immobilise.com - the UK national property register, so you have more chance of being reunited with if it is stolen. It’s also worth thinking of keeping Asian jewellery in banks or security boxes.

“More importantly, please call us straight away by calling 999 if you see anyone or any vehicles acting suspiciously – we would always rather turn up to a call with good intentions than miss the opportunity to catch a burglar in the act.

“Please could you also check your video cameras and CCTV to see if you have any footage that may be of interest to us. Also consider using timer lights as it is a quick and cheap deterrent.”

The offences last night (Wednesday, November 20) include:

Jewellery and cash were stolen from an address in St Annes Road, London Colney at 6.15pm.

Loose change was stolen from an address in St Annes Road, London Colney at 6pm.

An attempted burglary occurred in Collyer Road, London Colney at 6pm.

A mobile phone was stolen from an address in Hardwick Place, London Colney at 6.55pm.

Jewellery was stolen from an address in Mount View between 08.45am and just before 8pm.

Jewellery was stolen from an address in Cotlandswick, London Colney, between 6.30pm and 8.15pm.

Jewellery was stolen from an address in Gurney Court Road, St Albans between 11.50am and 5.25pm. Two black men wearing black clothing were reported acting suspiciously in the area

An attempted burglary took place in Hollybush Lane, Harpenden around 2.30 pm yesterday. Men in balaclavas were seen at the rear of the premises.

DI Warwick added: “Two black men were seen acting suspiciously on a driveway in Charmouth Road about 4.45pm on Wednesday 20 November, close to the scene of a burglary in Gurney Court Road that occurred between 12 midday and 5.50pm. If you find someone on your property who should not be there, please call us immediately on 999.”