Commuters in and around Watford faced severe traffic delays this morning as 29 heads of state - including Donald Trump and Boris Johnson - made their way to a NATO meeting.

The meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), which marks the organisation's 70th anniversary, is taking place at The Grove in Chandler's Cross.

As world leaders arrived in the area, police car and motorbike convoys were seen on the roads. You may have also seen a helicopter or two in the sky today. Could it have been Donald Trump's helicopter?

Our reporter Nathan Louis spotted a huge motorcade on the A405 to Hunton Bridge roundabout and filmed the spectacle.

Watford Observer:

Boris Johnson arrives at The Grove this morning. Photo: NATO

We would like hear from you about your journey this morning. What was your commute like? Did you see any world leaders on your way to work? Do you have photos or videos of the traffic delays, motorcades or helicopters in the sky?

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