Labour activist and journalist Owen Jones spoke to Labour supporters at a rally outside Watford Junction station this evening.

The 35-year-old Guardian columnist and Jeremy Corbyn supporter, whose books include Chavs and The Establishment, appeared alongside Labour candidate Chris Ostrowski at the gathering in Clarendon Road.

He tweeted: "Huge crowd to canvass Watford tonight. To everyone who has campaigned this election - you are heroes and you should be so so proud of yourselves."

Mr Ostrowski hopes to take the bellwether seat from the Conservatives after falling 2,000 votes short of the Conservatives' Richard Harrington in 2017. Dean Russell is representing the Tories after Mr Harrington announced his retirement.

Liberal Democrat Ian Stotesbury is also contesting the seat, with Lib Dems pointing to strong results in the 2019 Euro elections and recent by-elections.

There is also a Social Democratic Party candidate, Michael McGetrick.

The latest national polls indicate a Conservative majority of varying sizes, with a hung parliament within the margin for error.