The latest election has resulted in new MPs for areas which had been considered safe seats for certain politicians.

This is partly due to several MPs changing political allegiances this year, as well as Boris Johnson expelling 21 MPs in September.

The Conservatives have secured the biggest majority in Parliament since the 1980s as it gained 66 seats, and won 364 altogether (although there is one seat left to go).

Meanwhile, Labour and the Lib Dems faced a heavy blow. Labour, with 203 seats, lost 59 seats. The Lib Dems now hold just 11 seats - which is one less than what they had after the 2017 election and significantly worse than the 21 MPs it had after a several high profile figures defected to the party.

Here in Watford and the surrounding areas, we have two new faces representing us in the House of Commons:

Dean Russell, Watford MP

Watford Observer:

The Conservative politician secured 26,421 votes last night, beating Labour rival Chris Ostrowski who received 21,988 votes.

Former Watford MP Richard Harrington in August announced he would step down in the next election, saying he wished to "retire from frontline politics".

After the result was announced, Mr Russell said he felt “incredibly honoured” and praised Mr Harrington's work.

He said: “It has been a long few weeks and years to get to this point.

“I have to say I am building on an amazing legacy of Richard Harrington. And for me getting here today it’s about all the volunteers and family who have believed in me and helped me knock on doors.

“I have to say that being voted in is a vindication of what our Prime Minister wants nationally and that’s delivering on the referendum.

"For me personally my family here go back 130 years in Watford so I feel very proud that I am now able to represent the town.

“I love this town and I look forward to being part of the community.”

Gagan Mohindra, South West Herts MP

Watford Observer:

Cllr Mohindra (Conservative) seized the South West Herts seat from former cabinet minister David Gauke.

Mr Gauke (Independent) lost his seat after being expelled from the Tory Party in September for seeking to block Boris Johnson's no-deal Brexit.

The new South West Herts MP secured 30,327 votes, beating Mr Gauke who secured just 15,919 votes.

Cllr Mohindra, who until now has represented the Grange Hill Ward on Epping Forest District Council, said: "The result across the country shows that the electorate wants the Brexit paralysis to be over, to honour democracy and to move forward with a Conservative majority that is able to get Parliament working again to get things done for you.

"It is a huge privilege and honour to be elected as member of parliament for South West Hertfordshire."