You may just be catching up to the news of who has been elected as local MPs and that the Conservatives have won a majority, but how did our readers react to the news?

The Conservatives have dominated votes for Watford as Dean Russell was declared the next MP after securing 26,421 votes, compared to rival Chris Ostrowski who received 21,988 votes for Labour.

Likewise, the Conservatives have won the overall General Elections 2019, with a majority of 80 seats.

For some, the results were a moment of celebration, whilst others who wished to tactically vote out of a Tories majority were disappointed.

With the news of Mr Russell, there were many that were delighted to welcome another Conservative member since former MP Richard Harrington stood down, as they shared their congratulations.

One reader, Ryan Hoare, said: “Seems like a decent bloke. Hope he can deliver for the people in Watford.”

A user under the name Andy Watford said: “Watford and the country have spoken.”

Others were hopeful that Mr Russell will listen to his constituents and provide his best support.

Vicky Morris said: “Let’s hope he has more charisma than Richard Harrington!”

And as with anything political, others had somewhat snarky or sarcastic responses to the news:

Andy Hogg wrote: “I look forward to our new hospital, oh wait, Brexit will never get done. There won’t be more nurses but well done convincing the mugs.”

On a national scope of the news, readers shared more conflicting opinions about a Tories majority and having Boris Johnson continuing his role as Prime Minister.

Watford Fib Dems, a Facebook page, said: “Ian Stotesbury lied to you by telling you he had a chance. He did what I have been saying for weeks, enabled the election of a Brexiteer by not having the good grace to stand aside for the good of his constituency."

Mehreen Arif wrote: “Congrats Boris and the Tories, after delivering Brexit, looking forward to the NHS being funded properly, foodbanks being closed down as people won’t need them, rates of homelessness dropping, kids no longer turning up to school hungry. All things promised in the Tory manifesto … right?”

Colette Sherrin said: “What a shame people can’t see beyond Brexit.”

The news was also welcome to some as Steve Landy wrote: “Well hopefully the result from 2016 will be finally honoured. Let us down Boris and we will never forgive you.”

Michael Peters was happy about the announcement as he said: “A great day. Brexit. Here we come.”