An open letter to Watford’s elected mayor and new member of parliament.

Health and safety has a somewhat pedantic slant at times. However I feel I must point out, yet again through your paper, the serious issue of parking.

It can be especially selfish, dangerous and inconsiderate to park on double yellows particularly on corners. I realise parking is one of the main gripes about living in Vicarage village (namely St James, Clifton, Westbury, Liverpool, and Cardiff Roads).

I have lived here for over 25 years and it has taken my campaigning for wardens to actually enforce the restrictions either side of the residents parking hours. About two to three years ago something happened and random patrols seemed to appear with appropriate ticketing (on most nights, 20 or more vehicles can be parked illegally and threatening life by impeding emergency services).

Sadly it is going to take a disaster to get the attention of the authorities and thereby the almost certain entry of my learned friends to apportion blame in these litigious times. Have I misunderstood exactly when double yellows apply? Random patrols by wardens are not sufficient to deter.

I pray that lawyers will never be needed! Your comments would be most welcome.

David V.C. Rees

Chairman, Vicarage Village Residents Association