A new exhibition has opened at a local museum.

Bushey Museum’s collection is never static. Items are regularly donated to the museum, or purchases are made. These items go through the process of being digitally recorded and then stored. Only if an item is relevant to an existing display or to an exhibition is it brought out of storage for public viewing.

This exhibition sets out to remedy this situation with a look back over their lists of new acquisitions.

Watford Observer:

Bushey Museum has recently received a number of Bushey Pottery items from Leighton House. Among other donations were drawings by Hubert von Herkomer and paintings by a local artist, Jill Ibrom. Purchases by the museum include two items found on sale in charity shops and a portfolio of wonderful drawings by Ernest Borough Johnson, which had been rescued from a rubbish tip in St John’s Wood.

On show will be local history and pottery items, photographs, costumes, and artworks to demonstrate the great diversity of the collection, the bulk of which is usually hidden from view.

Bushey Museum, Rudolph Road, Bushey, until Sunday, June 21. Details: 02084 204057 busmt@busheymuseum.org