A Watford-based company helping lead the fight against the spread of coronavirus is donating 25,000 disinfectant wipes to NHS staff.

GAMA Healthcare, based in Regal Way, has been working around the clock to ensure that it can continue to meet demand for its infection prevention products.

Now it has partnered up with wet wipes manufacturer Rockline Europe to ramp up production.

The two companies have also announced they have adapted an existing cosmetics production line to produce additional disinfectant wipes - 50,000 of which will be given to the NHS free of charge (25,000 each).

Dr Guy Braverman, co-founder of GAMA Healthcare, said: "We have been working tirelessly since the outbreak of the virus in China to play our part in the global fight against the disease.

"We have also partnered with Rockline Europe to repurpose a production line for our Clinell Universal Wipes at their state-of-the art factory in Worcestershire to get supplies of our products to where they’re needed even quicker.

"We are announcing today that as part of this partnership we will be jointly donating 50,000 units of disinfectant wet wipes directly to NHS frontline staff. The NHS is playing a vital role in the nation’s fight against the virus and we are very happy to play a small part in supporting their dedicated staff."

With no vaccine yet developed for use against the disease, hospitals are having to concentrate their efforts on infection prevention products to stop the spread of the virus at source. GAMA, which supplies its products to over sixty countries across the globe, has been working around-the-clock to meet unprecedented demand for their products to help ensure that they are still readily available for frontline services.