An IT support company is offering NHS staff free remote support for their laptops and PC’s during the coronavirus lockdown.

PCW Solutions, which is based in Watford, is providing the service to NHS staff who run into trouble with their devices as they continue their fight against Covid-19.

The company says the free remote support is on offer to help any NHS staff, including those who are having to work long hours and spend time “away from their families”.

Alex Hill, who runs the company, said: “For example, NHS staff who have a laptop or computer and wish to do video-calling may face problems and may give up, therefore missing out on speaking to family members.

“This is where we can help, we will remotely log in and do all we can to fix computer problems so they can speak to loved ones."

Mr Hill added that several people have called up the company about the offer, while a Facebook post promoting the service has reached more than 2,000 likes.

He said: “We really want to help more and are trying to reach more people in the community.

“There are no hidden costs, no contracts, just free support.

“We want to do our part in helping the NHS in the best way we can.”

To use the service, which PCW Solutions is running until July, NHS staff will need to produce a valid NHS ID.

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