Outdoor markets and non essential retail stores are to reopen by June.

Boris Johnson has announced a series of establishments can reopen within the June period.

By June 1, outdoor markets and car showrooms with space can reopen - as long as they follow social distancing guidance.

The Prime Minister explained that markets in outdoor spaces provides a safe way to work, while car showrooms must have space and follow strict social distancing measures.

From June 15, the Prime Minister said that all non-essential retail shops - including department stores and small independent shops - will be allowed to reopen.

But Mr Johnson clarified that these non-essential retail shops must be “Covid secure” if they are to reopen.

He said that shops will have “the time to implement the guidance before they reopen” on June 15.

Mr Johnson said that the government are doing “everything as possible” to protect staff, and the government can enforce compliance when required.

Workplaces are encouraged to increase the frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning.

Activity time must be short as possible, and screens or barriers to separate people from each other is needed.

Each person working must have limited contact with people by using "fixed teams or partnering", meaning each person only works with a few hours.

The guidance says that "back-to-back" or "side-to-side" working is encouraged rather than face-to-face.

Only absolutely necessary participants in meetings can come, and they should maintain two metre separation.

Staff must have staggered break times and there should be additional space as a communal area for staff.

Businesses must still allow people to work from home if possible.

He said “the food retail sector has already responded fantastically well” and non-essential retail stores can “learn lessons” from the sector.

To read the latest government guidance for businesses reopening, visit here.