Families will now be able to reunite with caution as lockdown restrictions ease.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that starting from Monday (June 1), groups to six people can meet in public outdoor spaces or in gardens.

The Prime Minister said the meetings were conditional that these people who are met are following social distancing measures, and people avoid seeing too many people in “quick succession”.

Mr Johnson called the decision a “cautious first step” which can allow families and friends to reunite.

He said: “I know the toll lockdown has taken on family and friends.

“We will allow people to meet in gardens and other outdoor spaces. Friends and family can start to meet their loved ones, perhaps seeing both parents at once or both grandparents at once.”

But the Prime Minister urged for people to still remain cautious despite the ease.

He asks that people avoids too much interaction from groups outside their household, and people should not be inside the homes of their friends or families “unless it is to access the garden”.

It was repeated that in these meetings, people should maintain a two metre distance.

Mr Johnson said: “Those who have been asked to shield themselves should continue to do so.”

He added that the proposals are just a “fraction” of the social interaction that people would enjoy, but he is “hopeful” in the coming weeks to do more.

Mr Johnson confirmed previous plans to reopen primary schools, outdoor markets and car showrooms in June 1.

By June 15, then Year 10 and Year 12 students can have some contact with schools, and non-essential retail stores can reopen.

The decision came as the government reviewed the five tests before adjusting the lockdown.

These include:

• Protect the NHS ability to cope

• Sustained and consistent fall in death rate

• Rate of infection decreasing to manageable levels

• Adjustments will not risk second peak of infections.

Mr Johnson added that “different parts” of the UK are “moving at different speeds”.

He said: “I cannot and will not throw away all the gains we have made, “changes are limited and cautious.”