A 21-year-old says he and his gran have "lost everything" after a fire tore through their home on Saturday afternoon.

Kyle Gibbs, 21, and his gran Theresa managed to escape their rented home in Bradshaw Road, Watford, unharmed but everything else has been destroyed.

In total, three homes and 15 gardens were affected by the blaze, with Kyle's home worst hit.

Kyle says all they have been left with is the clothes they were wearing after a fire spread rapidly through back gardens.

More than 60 firefighters battled the fire on Saturday, which is believed to have started in a railway embankment behind Bradshaw Road.

Watford Observer:

The fire is believed to have begun in an embankment by the Abbey Line railway track, which runs behind Bradshaw Road

Watford Observer:

Fences caught fire. This was from a neighbour's garden

Kyle, says he and his nan, who has been shielding herself for weeks due to coronavirus, fled from their home and out onto the street when their shed caught fire.

He recalled: "I was putting some shopping away and could smell a bonfire or barbecue. I looked outside and noticed a neighbour near their fence and could see there was a fire but it was only small at the time.

"There was a bit of wind which brought the flames closer to the gardens. It got closer and soon our fence caught fire and then our shed and a tree caught fire too.

"The fire spread to our decking and then our conservatory caught fire."

By this time, Kyle and his gran were out of the home.

He says firefighters have told him the windows of their house blew when the conservatory caught fire and then the rest of the house was destroyed.

Watford Observer:

Kyle and Theresa's garden after the fire. Credit: Kings Fire

Watford Observer:

Fifteen gardens caught fire. Credit: Kings Fire

A video taken from across the street captured black smoke billowing from the house as emergency services lined the street.

Two other homes were also damaged but not to the extent of Kyle's. Fifteen gardens were also destroyed.

Kyle, who only moved in with his gran into the house a few months ago after he returned from a year in Australia, said: "We have lost everything. There is nothing left in the house, which include all of our sentimental items. No photographs left, there is nothing.

"My nan is really upset because she had 60 years worth of memories with her in that house.

"We're still coming to terms with what's happened."

Watford Observer:

This image from a neighbour shows the extent of the fire across the gardens

Despite the loss of his home and possessions, Kyle has thanked the emergency services, his neighbours, the British Red Cross, and Watford Borough Council for all the help and support that was and has been provided.

Kyle, who works in recruitment, and his gran are staying in a hotel at the moment while a more permanent solution is found for them.

Meanwhile, Kyle's dad Jason, who lives in Borehamwood, has set up a fundraising page to help provide immediate support to his son and Theresa.

Jason said: "Kyle has lost literally everything and while you can't replace the past, I want to help in some way to make it a little bit easier for him and for Theresa too.

"I was devastated when I found out what happened. Thank you to all those who have donated and show support."

Nearly £1,000 has been donated via the Go Fund Me Page.

Firefighters were called to the fire just before 2.30pm, and as the fire escalated, more resources were sent to the scene.

Watford Observer:

Bradshaw Road was cordoned off on Saturday. Credit: Cllr Asif Khan

Watford Observer:

Fire engines in St Albans Road

More than 60 firefighters were involved in putting the flames out and a command centre was set up by the fire brigade in St Albans Road.

The fire was under control by 5pm.

An investigation into the cause of the fire has been launched.