Homes in and around Watford are continuing to see water supply issues after major problems last night.

Affinity Water says the “exceptionally hot weather” is causing more water to be used in and around the town - and some homes have lower water pressure or loss of supply.

Yesterday evening, bottled water was sent to vulnerable residents after Affinity Water said its storage reservoir north of Watford almost ran empty due to the "exceptionally high demand".

It caused issues for people living in the WD17, WD5, WD24, and WD25 postcodes. Water supply for many of those homes returned to normal in the early hours today, the company said.

However, homes in the WD6, WD23, WD25, HA3 & HA6 postcodes are now experiencing supply issues.

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In a tweet this morning, Affinity Water said it was aware customers are experiencing an "interruption to their water supply".

Residents are being urged to keep their water supply to a minimum while the issue is fixed, although it is unclear how long this will take.

In a statement, Affinity Water said: “If you are in the above area and are experiencing a reduction of your water pressure or loss of supply, this is due to much higher demand for water at present due to the exceptionally hot weather.

"Our technician is on their way to investigate and a further update will be provided as soon as possible.

“We are asking all customers to try and keep their water usage to a minimum during this time to reduce the demand on our network.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

In a message sent to some residents yesterday, Affinity Water said its treatment sites were working above maximum capacity, pumping an extra 108 million litres of water a day (the equivalent of 400,000 people), in order to meet demand.

At around 11.30pm, it told residents its reservoir levels had stabilised.