Hi, I’m Frankie and I’m an eight-year-old red-footed tortoise. I was brought to the National Animal Welfare Trust when my owner moved away and sadly couldn’t take me with them.

Although tortoises have lived on this planet for more than 200 million years, we are rare these days. Members of the reptile family, tortoises generally live between 50 and 100 years.

Watford Observer:

I’m a friendly girl who loves to explore. I like my food and love to eat out of my activity feeders.

I’ve been told I am fascinating company.

We tortoises are very intelligent and can form bonds with our humans.

We often enjoy being rubbed or scratched, particularly on our necks, and will stretch it right out to allow you to hit just the right spot.

Like all pets, I will be dependent on my new owner to give me everything I need to lead a happy, healthy and comfortable life.

Watford Observer:

As an exotic pet, my new family will need to invest in specialist equipment, such as a large enclosure with additional heating and lamps, to care for me properly. They’re also asked to make a minimum donation of £250 to the charity towards the animals’ upkeep.

If you’d like to adopt me, email reception@nawt.org.uk or call 0208 950 0177 (option 2) to arrange a visit now that the NAWT has started rehoming again.