Mr Ronald McGrath strictures in his letter demonstrate a significant lack of perspective. History may deliver a harsh verdict on Boris Johnson’s management of Covid-19. I hardly think it will charge him with disregard for people’s lives because of the stupid behaviour of Dominic Cummings or that of MP Dean Russell with deaths of Watford citizens. Perspective Mr McGrath, is not wise to give these incidents a value they do not have. We can allow our prejudice to lead us up dead end paths.

Can I point out that Boris Johnson a Conservative has created a socialist relief programme that must leave Jeremy Corbyn staggering with astonishment. The beneficiaries of this programme and there are millions of them who have benefited from it and are grateful.

Dean Russell appears to me a man concerned for the welfare of Watford and its people. I hardly think it unreasonable for him to vote with the Government as it reflects his political beliefs.

From what I have observed, Watford is well served by the elected Liberal Mayor Peter Taylor, its elected MP Dean Russell and a host of others.

Covid-19 with its cruel indeed terrible influence in society is not amenable to control. Its presence calls for tolerance, respect and support from all of us. We need to work to ease and lighten the hardship of those afflicted by it. At this time lesser matters are best left in the background where they belong.

Patrick Boyle

Garston Drive, Watford