Despite a hair salon being near fully booked for weeks, a hair stylist fears that the recent closure of Debenhams could cause some strain for future clients.

Helen Hooker, who has owned Andrea & Son in Market Street for 33 years, believes that customers are overly excited to get their hair done as the salon is nearly fully booked.

Hairdressers are among the pubs, restaurants, hotels, and other venues that can reopen on Saturday (June 4), but Andrea & Son will reopen on the Monday – so that they can start during a new week.

For around the next two weeks, the hairdresser is nearly fully booked as Ms Hooker explains she “constantly” received phone calls from eager clients wishing to get their hair done during the lockdown period.

While some requested if she could do it during the lockdown, Ms Hooker instead planned bookings for once she reopens.

She said: “People were constantly wanting to know when they could get their hair done, hair is quite important for some people.

“For me, it is an art and I was eager to get back – it is my passion. Staff are a bit anxious in coming back, but I’m sure once everything is up and running things should be fine.”

Situated just by intu Watford, Ms Hooker fears that once the original rush of people getting their hair done dies out, it could be difficult to maintain profit.

She said: “The first month looks quite busy, but I’m worried it might slow down a bit after. What happens after everyone has their hair done?

“I’m crossing my fingers that Watford manages to survive, and we won’t get another lockdown.

“I’m hoping I’m going to survive, I’m pretty sure I am, but I am worried that Debenhams is shutting, as it did bring people into town. And with what is happening with intu it could stop people coming into town.”

She continued: “I have many customers who are frightened to go in, and I suggested we can open an hour before in the morning or after in the night for those a bit anxious to be around people.”

Hairdressers will have to undergo various changes to maintain social distance once they reopen.

Andrea & Son will follow Government guidance, so that only three customers are allowed in at a time, chairs are two metres apart, all equipment is sterilised, and staff will wear visors and face masks.

Staff will also have their temperature checked each day, while customers will have to provide their details to help with potential track and tracing.

Ms Hooker is adamant that with the current bookings, the salon will be able to survive despite having just three customers at a time, but she questions if footfall will die down in later months.

She said: “As an industry, we’ll put every measure to make people feel safe and comfortable. We just need our clients to keep coming in and feel safe and secure.”