Ever since lockdown began, many of us have thought longingly of a pint of beer in a pub garden with friends, family or just on our own, or a meal out at our favourite restaurant.

The day will finally come tomorrow when pubs and restaurants reopen, and the temptation to make up for lost time might be there - with some comparing the anticipation to New Year’s Eve.

It won’t be like it was. Staff holding glasses by the base, tables further apart.

And you’ll have to give your contact details to the pub or restaurant so they can contact you if somebody else in the pub tests positive for coronavirus.

It all sounds like it might be a bit joyless, but it needn’t be. And the survival of many of the pubs and restaurants we love depends on us getting out there and ordering a nice pudding or a few packets of crisps with our round.

But the survival of the vulnerable people almost all of us know also depends on us behaving responsibly.

So keep your distance from people you don’t know. Wash your hands or take sanitiser, but remember to have a good time.

The better we all behave now, the sooner we might be able to really get back to normal.