Several schools in and around Watford have received a share of government funding to carry out improvements to its facilities.

Improving fire safety, water main replacements and replacing windows are all on the to-do list for eight schools in the borough.

More than 1,000 schools across England will receive a share of £434 million from the government's Condition Improvement Fund to help ensure they have well-maintained facilities.

Watford MP Dean Russell said the town has received its share of the funding, saying that it will ensure children "have the very best possible schools and education".

He said: "Coronavirus has taken a toll on us all, not least our children, who have been kept from their friends, their teachers and their schools.

"As we exit lockdown we must focus on getting children back to school – and ensure that schools have the facilities they need to support the high-quality education our children deserve.

"This funding will help ensure all children have the very best possible schools and education, enabling them to gain all the knowledge and skills they need for success."

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson added that the government's "number one focus" is to make sure that "every student has access to excellent education and training".

He said: "Replacing and upgrading poor condition school and college buildings with modern, energy efficient designs will give our students and teachers the environment they deserve and support them to maximise their potential.

"As we look forward to this September and all children returning to school, we can be assured that for years to come this country’s education system will drive opportunity and prosperity for all."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also announced a new transformative 10-year school rebuilding programme, which will be kick-started with over £1 billion for the first 50 projects in 2020-21.

Below you can see which schools in Watford are receiving an investment from the Condition Improvement Fund:

Watford Grammar School for Boys

Watford Grammar School for Girls

Laurance Haines School

Alban Wood Primary School and Nursery

Bromet Primary School

The Orchard Primary School

Holy Rood Catholic Primary School

Divine Saviour Roman Catholic Primary School