Becky came to the National Animal Welfare Trust in March when her owner became too poorly to look after her.

The sweetest dog, Becky’s seeking a comfy sofa and is always keen to snuggle up close to her humans.

At 12 years old, some mornings she’s a little slow and her back legs aren’t as spritely as she’d like but she’s always keen to go on a walk, rain or shine. She walks beautifully on the lead and loves meeting other people – but not always dogs - to be petted. She’s also not a fan of cats.

Becky likes her naps, loves a run around the garden and, a typical Staffie, is always on the trail of a snack. She has little interest in toys but enjoys the smells and sights of ‘outside’.

Watford Observer:

Becky is housetrained and waits quietly by the back door to be let out. At night, she doesn’t like to be shut into a room, preferring to sleep on the sofa or in her soft basket. Becky happily wears machine-washable, quick-drying dog nappies at night-time, which means everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

Her skin can get itchy but she’s calm and cooperative having her soothing weekly bath.

She’s partially deaf but understands what is asked of her, through hand signals and body language, and is always eager to please.

Watford Observer:

Becky’s a gentle soul looking for a home where she can spend the rest of her days giving and receiving love.

Email or call 0208 950 0177 (option 2) to arrange a visit.