It took a lot of soul searching before I felt compelled to write this email.

I have been a Watford supporter since 1959, a season ticket holder for many years, with two of my daughters being junior Hornets.

I have lived in Devon for the past ten years but still get to as many matches as I possibly can.

I was at last year’s cup final and was given a Watford shirt for my 75th birthday a few years ago, signed by the entire team. For twenty years I travelled with friends to most away games.

I tell this to impress upon you that I have Watford FC in my blood and get so much pleasure in supporting them.

For the very first time I now feel absolutely ashamed of the recent events carried out by the club. How on earth a good manager like Nigel Pearson can be treated so deplorably with two such important games to be played is beyond me, and thousands of other supporters I should imagine.

At long last we had an English manager who in my opinion, given time, would have been a great asset to the club. Of course things go on that we the public don’t get to know about, but I blame the board and its owners for embarrassing all Watford supporters throughout the footballing world.

I wish Nigel Pearson all the luck in the world in the knowledge that a club with more foresight will snap him up. I am so angry, but do you know what? If the board and its owners don’t give a damn, why should I?

Peter Chapman, By email