Video footage shows a brand-new disability swing being used in a park.

Louise Fife said she had a “lovely time” using the swing at Garston Park, which has undergone a range of renovation works.

This includes an upgraded playground, with it having a range of accessible and sensory equipment including the disability swing, a music box and a merry-go-round.

Watford Observer:

Louise Fife using the swing in Garston Park

Watford Borough Council posted the footage of Louise using the swing on its Facebook page, saying that it was “great to see” the new park feature being used.

It added: “Wheelchair users or those with disabilities should be able to enjoy playgrounds and feel like part of the community as every other person.

“It’s wonderful to see the joy on the faces of the users, for some it may be their first time trying a swing.”

Other improvements at Garston Park include better walkways for connectivity, more trees and a new wildflower meadow.