With the warm weather, public health chiefs in Hertfordshire are urging residents to remember to socially distance in the sunshine.

The higher temperatures and baking sunshine forecast for the weekend will be enough to tempt most people out of their homes – whether to the countryside, the park or the pub.

But there are concerns that relaxing in the good weather may impact on the “brilliant” actions being taken by the county’s residents to reduce any spread of Covid-19.

And director of public health Jim McManus and executive member for public health a prevention Cllr Tim Hutchings are urging residents to remember to keep their distance and wear masks, when appropriate.

“We understand everyone – not just young people – will want to go out and enjoy themselves,” said Cllr Hutchings.

“The big message we want to get across is be sensible, socially distance and wear masks, where appropriate. That’s really important.”

As restrictions have been eased, the number of Covid-19 cases in the county is said to have “risen a little”, but not alarmingly.

However Mr McManus and Cllr Hutchings stress that the county’s “not out of the woods yet”.

Cllr Hutchings acknowledges that if people go out and relax – "particularly if they have a few beers – that’s when things could start to go wrong".

And while he says they don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, he says they do want them to be careful.

Meanwhile Mr McManus has praised the "good job" being done by pubs, cafes and restaurants across the county and the “brilliant” people of Hertfordshire .

“It does seem a bit odd that cleaning a table in a restaurant saves lives, but it does,” said Mr McManus.

“I do think people in Hertfordshire have been brilliant. If businesses and people in Hertfordshire keep doing what they have been doing so far we will beat this.”

In addition Mr McManus ad Cllr Hutchings are stressing the need for anyone who has symptoms to have a test.

Cllr Hutchings said: “People who are suffering from symptoms – or who think they are – please go out and get tested.