Readers have been continuing to post pictures to the Watford Observer's new nostalgia Facebook group as they share their memories of growing up in Watford.

Do you remember Cawdells? Steve Anthony recalled a "sad day in Watford" when the department store shut was preparing to shut its doors for a final time by holding a 'mammoth closing down sale' by sharing the picture above in We grew up in Watford.

The group has been set up to allow people to share their pictures and memories of the town and surrounding areas, it has already attracted almost 350 members and is continuing to grow by the day.

Many in the group have taken up the challenge to complete this sentence: You know you grew up in Watford when you remember...

This link will take you to We grew up in Watford where you can ask to join and then post your own pictures and memories.

Watford Observer: Here's another throwback courtesy of Steve Anthony of the tuition fees at Watford Grammar School.

Watford Observer:

Do you recognise anyone in these photos? They were posted by group member Pat Cashmore, who wrote: "A few old photos taken in Princes Avenue."

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

This knife prompted a question from Richard Meguyer. He asked: "Anybody know anything about Rogers & Gowlett ltd, cutlers , Watford. I have an old bread knife manufactured by them."