From the cattle market in Market Street, the paddling pool in Cassiobury Park, a bakery in Whippendell Road to the smell of coffee beans in Lower High Street, readers are continuing to share their memories of growing up in Watford.

Almost 380 people have now joined our new Nostalgia Facebook group We grew up in Watford and many have taken the opportunity to share their memories of what they recall from growing up in the town.

Paul Birch posted: “Going to St. Andrews School. Living in Charles Street next to Express Dairy which my grandfather manager. Barber's and blacksmith in Carry Place and in Lower High Street Gibsons Butchers with sawdust on the floors. And lastly Woolworths with its wooden floors.”

Lesley Kazer wrote: “Seeing the green and eerie Odhams clock and spire at night.”

Nigel Beer wrote: “Having to cross the A41 on foot as the 385A bus terminated at Douglas Avenue - having to walk what seemed like miles to our house on the Meriden Estate.”

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One of the longer set of recollections has come from Richard Massara. Among his memories were: “National garages and the Smurfs, Mobil garages and the Pegasus. Conkers and sweets, small shops and ABC bakers. Garnet bakers and the Argos catalogue.

“The pond and a proper fountain. Charter Place and the fountain (without bubbles please).”

Watford Observer:

Steve Anthony posted the picture above in response to Stuart Hampton posting: “The Scammell Scarab factory (with those funky three-wheeler lorries) on Tolpits Lane.”

Trevor Sturgess wrote: “Buying Harrington jackets and Levi jeans from Charlie's stall in the market.”

Chris Baker recalled “Hoads & Yorkshire Bakery in Whippendell Road” while Jo Cashmore wrote: “Clements and Cassiobury Park. Walked my two who were under six and eight from Judge St to see the fireworks there. Brilliant memories.”

June Clarke remembered the “Cattle market in Market Street up the side of the big post office”, while Catherine Pettifer recalled “the paddling pool in Cassiobury Park”.