The growth of the internet and other forms of media mean paper rounds are not as popular as they once were, but for many people they provided a first taste of paid work growing up.

We asked members of the Watford Observer’s new nostalgia Facebook group, We grew up in Watford, whether they had a round and several got in touch with memories of the routes they used to walk delivering the local and national news through our letterboxes.

Hilda Hasley responded: “Yes for many years on the Meriden. Assisted by Colin back in the 1980s”, while Jeff Bunker recalls delivering the Evening Echo about 1965-66.”

Richard Nash wrote: “Delivering the Review around Croxley... Part of Watford Road from entry of Met Line car park down to what was an Esso petrol station.”

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Jo Cashmore remembers delivering in “Ludlow Lane and all the adjoining parallel roads in Croxley Green for years in the 80s”.

David Healing wrote: “I did a paper round from ‘Daisleys’ in Abbots covering Tibbs Hill, Summerhouse Way and down to the Levesden Hospitals. Then off to School.....Francis Combe.”

Kevin Hayden remembers: “Yep, the Sports Final (Saturday Echo) on a Saturday evening around Courtlands Drive/Greenbanks/Russell's Estate in the late 70s. If you missed the football scores on Radio 2 at 5pm and the repeat at 6pm then I was your saviour. Especially, if you did the pools.”

Speaking of football, Conrad Taylor recalls: “I delivered the Review around Garston in the early to mid 90s. My 'rival' Free Observer delivery girl went on to play for Arsenal and England! I did not!”

Linda Bond said: "Delivered the evening echo round Knutsford estate, til I was 13 and got a Saturday job in Woolworths (corner of King Street, where McDonald's is)."