Summer is coming to an end and plenty of us will be making the most of the opportunity to enjoy our garden before the weather turns and the nights close right in.

We have been asking readers to give us a glimpse of their gardens and Sarah Clarke got in touch told us how much she has loved growing new plants and flowers since the coronavirus pandemic saw restrictions imposed - and show us the three characters at the top of this page who have been a 'cheerful addition' to her Bushey garden.

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Watford Observer:

Sarah said: "Since lockdown has started I have been passionate about planting, growing new plants and tending to annual perennial plants.

"I love how you can become lost in gardening for several hours and it has been so important for my wellbeing.

Watford Observer:

Sirrel the Squirrel is another welcome addition to Sarah's garden

"I have (also) added bird feeders which are being enjoyed by birds and squirrels alike."

Watford Observer:

Sarah described it as a 'personal challenge' to see how many different plants she could grow whilst shielding in lockdown