The number of new cases in Hertsmere has dropped significantly following a recent outbreak earlier this month.

Hertsmere was listed as an ‘area of concern’ by Public Health England last week (September 11), but new cases are continuing to drop according to the latest government figures.

The latest update means the rate of new cases in Hertsmere in the seven days to September 12 has dropped to 28.6 per 100,000 – which is over a half less than what it was up to September 5 (62.9).

These figures are promising and indicate that Hertsmere were able to control the outbreak before it worsened.

In the days up to September 12, there were 30 new cases – and in the previous update there were 66 new cases.

The data for the most recent three days (September 13 to 15) has been excluded as it is incomplete and likely to be revised.

With these new figures, Hertsmere has dropped down to the 88th local authority with the highest coronavirus rise.

Earlier this month Hertsmere was rated the seventh highest authority in England, and at the time when it was declared an ‘area of concern’, Hertsmere dropped to 33rd due to a surge in new cases in northern England and in the Midlands.

At the time, Hertsmere still remained one of the highest authorities in south East England, but this is no longer the case.

The borough's MP Oliver Dowden, who first confirmed that Hertsmere was on a watchlist, previously said he was "confident" the outbreak can be controlled.

Cllr Tim Hutchings, the executive member for public health in Hertfordshire, previously welcomed the attention of Hertsmere being an area of concern, hoping that it would help control the outbreak.

Elsewhere, Watford is now ranked 125th highest in England, with a rate of 21.7 per 100,000 and 21 new cases.

St Albans is now ranked 61 highest, with a rate of 35.0 and 52 new cases.

Hertfordshire County Council continue to warn young people in particular to avoid large gatherings and house parties because that is what caused an outbreak in Hertsmere.

The council has threatened to fine party organisers or parents who allow parties in their homes up to £10,000 and even fine those who attending.

Hertsmere Borough Council has also urged people to stay alert and prevent the spread of the virus during upcoming religious holidays and celebrations.