MAYOR Peter Taylor's opposition to the proposed pavement parking ban, part of the Government's green post-Covid recovery plan, is deplorable, irresponsible and undemocratic.

It really does beggar the question: who or what does the Lib Democrat Mayor Peter Taylor represent? He certainly doesn't speak for the majority in Watford who, according to a poll conducted by the Watford Observer, were in favour of the Government's pavement parking ban initiative.

Watford is a Victorian town designed before cars came on the scene. The town's close-knit housing layout was designed for local living so facilities such as shops, schools, hospitals were in easy reach by foot or cycle.

Not for 4X4 tanks to thunder down its narrow streets, shaking homes to their shallow foundations.

In Watford of all places - with its dense housing - to persist in maintaining everyone chug around in their own charabanc is irresponsible and simply unsustainable.

Now, in the midst of a pandemic, is not the time for playing party politics and trying to score populist brownie points by undermining responsible edicts from central Government.

Covid mortality has been shown to be linked to areas of high air pollution, the body's immune system already weakened from toxins in vehicle fumes. The Mayor's stance flying in the face of the Government's advice to deter car use is doing no one any favours. not least the vulnerable - elderly and young alike. Peter Taylor should reconsider the remit of his position.

Embrace the national bid to encourage more people to choose active travel such as walking and cycling - rather than be against it.

Dave Degen

Whippendell Road, Watford