Householders living in a ‘flooding hot-spot’ have urged a council to “take the issue of localised flooding seriously”.

Residents living at the corner of Longspring and Gammons Lane in Watford say they have been affected by a “large volume of surface water” during heavy rainfall over the years, leaving gardens and driveways flooded.

They say drains, gullies and roadside beanie blocks remain “clogged” with debris and “this exacerbates the issue as surface water cannot drain away through these blocked channels”.

One resident, Jennifer Zulfiqar, shared a video of flooding to her driveway during rainfall back in August – footage shows the water deep enough for objects to float across the driveway.

Residents are now calling on Hertfordshire County Council to take the “necessary action” to “mitigate and rectify” the situation of flooding in the area.

They say the council has acknowledged the area is a “high flood risk”, but has “repeatedly failed to take action to rectify the situation despite concerns raised by the residents.”

The council has said it is aware of residents’ concern in the area and has said works are planned for the current financial year.

A joint statement by people living in the area said: "We are trying to get Hertfordshire County Council to take the issue of localised flooding seriously.

“During heavy rain we are all impacted by a large volume of surface water that runs down Gammons Lane, turning left into Longspring.

“At some point all of us have experienced flooded gardens, driveways and for some water levels have risen high enough to enter and damage the inside of our properties. Over the years this situation has worsened and some houses have had to install flood gates and deploy sandbags to defend their properties.”

It continued: “Over the years, we have all raised the issue of localised flooding directly with Hertfordshire County Council through phone calls, emails and their online complaints system. To date they have failed to respond adequately to our concerns.”

Kevin Carrol, Ringway Divisional Manager working on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council, said: “We are aware and understand local concerns with flooding at the junction of Gammons Lane and Longspring. The junction has been added to our enhanced drainage cleansing programme and works are planned within the current financial year.

“We are also assessing what other measures could be implemented to mitigate the impact of heavy rainfall here. We would also like to remind residents to report instances of highway flooding online via so their concerns can be investigated.”