Charlie the Chimp holds fond memories for many people in Watford – and you can share yours with us.

The mechanical ape, which used to swing the window of Gordon Scott shoe shop in the intu centre, was the latest subject of our series ‘A history of Watford in 50 objects’ in collaboration with Watford Museum.

After seeing the story, reader Ann Phillpot wrote to us with her memories of the shop which closed in 2016, having moved from the High Street to what was then the Harlequin in 1999.

She said: “I just had to reply re “Charlie” as it means so much to me. It has shared 53 years of my life and bringing up my children in Watford.

“I have four sons from 53 down to 34 and they all had their shoes fitted at Gordon Scott. I believed this was one of the important things to do, fit shoes properly to give them a good start in life, even though I could really not afford it.

“I heard other parents say they could not afford to buy there, but they bought several pairs a term. So although they bought cheaper, mine were better value as they lasted the term or the year as long as they did not grow out of them.

“All the staff were fantastic and became friends over the years. The service was so good. A couple of times one of the boys had blisters so they just changed the shoes as they said they fitted them so it was their fault in giving the wrong style or size. They always took responsibility.

“Once the whole sole came off after a couple of months and my husband said it was not their fault as he was kicking a ball. Their reply was that the shoes are made to be able to kick a ball and exchanged the.

“I started off at their shop by the pond and was devastated when they moved as I thought I would lose them but of course they just moved into what was then the Harlequin.

“I got to know the staff so well that when one of them met me in the pool at Spires hospital after we had both had surgery, we had a good catch up.

“Charlie, the shop and most of all the staff will live on in my heart forever as such an important part of my life.”

How do you remember Charlie the Chimp and the Gordon Scott shoe shop? Share your memories and pictures via the link below.

What are your memories of Charlie the Chimp?

"Share your memories and send your pictures of Charlie the Chimp and Gordon Scott shoe shop and we may publish them in the paper and online."

We asked for your responses - this is what you sent.

Mr Venn

My wife had been going to Gordon Scott's ever since they opened in the 1950's to buy there shoes in the children's department & then Adults department. They were so helpful & measured you feet up properly. She loved Charlie & he was a great attraction as a child. We always did wonder what happened to him when the shop closed eventually . The staff were good & evern suggested my wife should have her shoes built up which was a great help. My cousin also went to work in the ladies department. Here name is Monica, there was also Francis & does anyone remember Mrs Bell who was in charge of the children's part she seems to remember. Off course at the beginning Gordon Scott himself was in the shoe ???? shop but when they opened the Birmingham branch he went up there.

Rachel Ranner

My parents continued to take us as children when we moved to Crawley and then to Cambridge to Gordon Scots and as children we always got excited to see the latest chimp and how it was decorated and our visits were always on a saturday so dad could go to football. I then started taking my children when they were younger they always asked why we had to go so far for school shoes and the answer was to see chimp