Hello, I’m Olive and I’m a beautiful three-year-old girl. I came to the National Animal Welfare Trust when my human couldn’t look after me.

When I arrived I was very nervous but my confidence grew and now I’m super-friendly. Once I know you, I like being around people and being stroked.

I love to play – the jingly plastic ball is my favourite. When I'm not playing, you’ll find me snacking on some tasty treats.

I prefer human company to other rabbits so I’m looking for a home on my own where I’ll live indoors with the family.

Watford Observer:

My ideal owner would be home most the day and let me roam around the house to keep them company. I can live with children aged eight or over where adults will do most the handling.

Watford Observer:

And this is my friend Messi, a handsome one-year-old boy. He came to the NAWT when he didn’t get along with another rabbit, but he loves being around people.

As a Lionhead, he has a beautiful long mane that needs brushing regularly. He doesn’t mind too much if you’re gentle and use the soft brush.

He’s always lived outdoors but he’s so sociable everyone here says he’d thrive as a house rabbit with a neutered female for companionship.

He’s looking for a home with adults or children aged six and over where grown-ups will do all the handling.

Although we don’t like being picked up, we do like being stroked at ground level so we can still have plenty of cuddles.

If you could give us good homes, email reception@nawt.org.uk or call 0208 950 0177 (option 2).