Pupils at two further schools have tested positive for Covid-19.

The schools affected are The Reach Free School on the outskirts of Mill End, and St Joan of Arc Catholic School in Rickmansworth.

Richard Booth, the headteacher at The Reach Free School, confirmed in a letter to parents on Monday (September 28) that a Year 13 student had tested positive for coronavirus.

The letter assured parents that the child had not been in school for more than 48 hours before developing symptoms.

In a statement, Mr Booth said: “I can confirm that a student at The Reach Free School has received a positive test for Covid-19.

“The school has followed government guidelines and worked closely with the Hertfordshire Public Health team in determining the appropriate steps to take in response.

“Due to the length of time between the student attending school and the infection period, it has not been necessary to send any students home. We wish the student well and look forward to welcoming them back to school soon."

At St Joan of Arc Catholic School, a number of pupils were told to self-isolate due to a positive coronavirus case.

A spokesperson for St Joan of Arc Catholic School said: “I can confirm that following government guidelines, and having worked closely with Public Health England (PHE), we have asked a number of pupils from our school to self-isolate before returning to school.

“This is a scenario we have prepared for and unfortunate as it is, we always put the safety of our pupils and whole school community first. We cannot give any further details as all data is confidential, but we hope all of our students remain safe and well and look forward to welcoming them back when we can.”

Hertfordshire’s director of public health Jim McManus has suggested in a letter that will be sent to all parents across the county than new guidance will be introduced which could mean fewer children will be sent home in the future when a coronavirus case appears.

The new guidance would deliver school plans and teaching bubbles that could result in less disruption to education.