A new cycling facility has opened that will play a key part in encouraging more adults and children to take to two wheels to get around Watford.

The town's Cycle Hub is a not-for-profit community-based cycle centre located at Chaffinch Lane, next to Holywell Community Centre.

It has been providing a range of essential related services to support the town’s cyclists, including repairs, training and maintenance courses, since it was formed eight years ago. However, its pavilion building was deemed as no longer being ‘fit for purpose’ last year, leading to plans to create a new facility being drawn up.

The new building was opened on Monday and it includes a community café and social space along with an improved repairs workshop space and a dedicated office.

It will also enable the hub to cope with increasing demand on its services and deliver enough space to showcase reconditioned bikes inside along with an expanded range of accessories.

A new Beryl bike bay is located outside the hub so that people who drop off their bikes for repair can cycle to wherever they live or work in Watford.

Investment in the hub was part of elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor’s manifesto commitment to provide and encourage the use of sustainable transport for the town’s residents.

He said: “We’ve seen from the Beryl bike share scheme we introduced earlier this year that there is a real appetite for cycling in the town so it is great to see this new facility up and running.

"The Cycle Hub do a great job in helping to promote cycling in our town with a range of courses, training and guided rides that help people to build their confidence and stay safe.

"As we move towards becoming a more sustainable, greener town, these services will be invaluable.”

Director of Watford Cycle Hub Kate Jenkins said: “[This facility] will enable us to achieve our goal of building a stronger community of cyclists of all ages in our town.

"Please come and visit us, see what we do; check out our website to pre-book a bike repair or service, sign up for a course, or register for kids Go-Ride Cycling Club or one of our guided rides, all are welcome.”

Watford Cycle Hub is open from 9am to 3pm from Tuesday to Friday 9am to 3pm and from 9am to 5pm on Saturday.

For more information, contact info@watfordcyclehub.org.uk or call 01923 223994.