A medical expert has told people how to effectively wear a face mask after new statistics revealed that most people are not bothering to wash them after use.

Dr Hilary Jones appeared on Friday's Good Morning Britain to discuss where people were going wrong as positive coronavirus cases continue to rise.

ITV host Kate Garraway read statistics that claimed only 14 per cent of people are washing their face mask after using them.

Kate, whose husband Derek Draper was hospitalised in March with COVID-19, said the advice was "confusing" as people think high temperatures of the washing machine could damage fibres or that disinfectant could be inhaled.

Watford Observer: Dr Hilary ran through the common mistakesDr Hilary ran through the common mistakes

Dr Hilary admitted it was complicated, saying "You almost need a degree in microbiology to wear a mask correctly."

Explaining how to use face coverings properly, he said: "It has to be sterile to begin with and have to be kept sterile so you can't touch it with your hands or it will be contaminated."

He then told viewers that they should only be wearing disposable masks for three hours before they lose their effectivenes.

After the three hours was up, Hilary said "chuck it away and wear the next one - but wash your hands before you put it on".


He added: "If you are using a resuable one, it needs to be washed in an ordinary wash at 60 degrees with washing powder."

Hilary then warned "If you boil it you'll increase gaps in the fibres. Regular washing is important. It should be done every day."

He then admitted he despairs when he sees 'too many people putting masks in their top pocket or handling them' before putting them on.

"If you're going to wear a mask you need to clean it," he insisted.

Watford Observer: Dr Hilary advised disposable masks should only be worn for three hoursDr Hilary advised disposable masks should only be worn for three hours

Kate Garraway asked GMB's medical expert why the Queen was allowed to get away with not wearing a face mask in public during a public visit yesterday.

"It's good that she's strong and robust but nobody is in immune," said Dr Hilary.

"She's probably on the belief that, 'I'm doing a public duty and I want to show people who I am.'

"But generally speaking I'd favour anyone in public to wear a mask."