We now find ourselves at a pivotal time in this pandemic. Cases are on the rise across the country and unless we take action now we face having further restrictions imposed upon us.

Watford has shown how even in times of unprecedented adversity we will all band together and support each other, but that time is not yet over. There will continue to be tough times and the way we do things is not likely to get back to normal anytime soon. But I am confident that if we keep morale high and all play our part we can get through this together. Watford FC and England legend Luther Blissett was completely right when he said this week that “We are more than a town. We have always been family beyond the pitch!”

Even if you don’t get sick, the choices you make about what you do and where you go could make a huge difference to your life or the life of someone else. I am encouraging everyone to act as if you have the virus, as this is the best way to ensure we are all acting safely and responsibly.

While there are some people who are medically exempt from wearing a mask, it is important that those of us who can do so whenever we are in a public indoor space and respect those who may not be able to. We must all remember to regularly and thoroughly wash our hands and maintain social distancing from others.

If you have symptoms, make sure you isolate and get tested: the quicker you know you’re a risk, the quicker you can protect yourself and your loved ones. We all want this pandemic to be over but for now we must all play our part to keep the number of cases down and care for everyone in the town.

  • Peter Taylor is Elected Mayor of Watford