Have you ever wondered if you live near a haunted home?

Maybe that old run-down building at the end of your street gives you the chills.

Or maybe you even believe you have witnessed a paranormal event somewhere.

An online map put together by avid ghost hunter Paul Lee lists the haunted spots across the UK.

Watford Observer:

Ghost map shows haunted places in Watford. Photo: Paul Lee

Here are some of the main spots in and around Watford:

Watford Central Library, Watford

Watford Observer:

Sensations of being touched, automatic doors opening without anyone being present and the sounds of books falling and a panic alarm activating are some of the phenomena that have been reported here. A ghost wearing a black suit has also been seen.

Jackson Jeweller, Watford

Watford Observer:

There is an Elizabeth man haunting the upper floors here; he is described as wearing a doublet, hose and ruff.

Mrs Elizabeth Fuller Free School, Watford

The area surrounding the old Free School is said to be haunted by a teacher who perished rescuing children from a fire at the school.

Cassiobury Park, Watford

Watford Observer:

During the English Civil War, Lord Arthur Capel, a devout Royalist who lived in a (now demolished) house on the estate, was captured and despite a futile escape attempt from the Tower of London, was executed by Oliver Cromwell. His ghost is said to appear on the anniversary of his death (March 9); some say that he has long hair and a moustache while others claim that his phantom lacks a head. Capel's son Arthur similarly met a grisly end when he was arrested after being accused of involvement in an attempt to murder King Charles II. His body was found with its throat cut on July 13, 1683 in the Tower; it is not known if he was murdered or if he committed suicide. His phantom is also said to return to the area of his old home, supposedly on horseback on the anniversary of his death.

Watford Museum, Watford

Watford Observer:

Unfortunately, there are only a few tales associated with this building; doors opening and closing by themselves on one occasion, and a staff member thinking that a colleague had arrived and was having a conversation with someone else. The "colleague" actually arrived soon after, apologising for being late.

Royal Connaught Park, Bushey

A large plethora of alleged paranormal events have been experienced here. These include; unexplained noises of whistles and screams, a galloping horse and sobbing, doors and windows opening and closing, objects being moved and electrical problems have occurred. Physical ghosts include those of a young girl who died of an infection, a white figure, hovering above the ground, which darted above the ground and a group of boys seen playing football on the field, who vanished when confronted.

The Horse and Chains, Merry Hill

Glasses were seen flying off the shelves on many occasions; however it is not clear if this phenomena has occurred recently. The phantom is said to be a former landlady but it is reported that "not many ghosts have been seen recently."