Did you know Watford used to be twinned with Joe Biden's hometown?

Democrat Joe Biden was announced the winner of the US election on Saturday (November 7) after nearly four days of ballot counting.

Biden’s hometown of Wilmington in Delaware where he also served as State Senator from 1973 to 2009, used to be twinned with Watford until April 1 2011.

Watford Borough Council said this was due to changes with council funding and that significant savings in local authority spending were needed at the time due to the Government programme to cut the national budget deficit.

According to the site, Sister Cities of Wilmington, Watford invited Wilmington delegation, located in Delaware, to the town in 1985.

There was a subsequent visit by members of the Watford Borough Council in 1986 led to the establishment of the isster city.

There were alternating exchanges of the delegations in 1987 as well as projected youth exchanges

The council then decided to remove the plaques on the fly over in 2013 which listed the twin towns – these can now be viewed at Watford Museum.

The Friendship Columns can still be found in St Mary’s Square which proudly shows the connections between the town towns.

Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said: "I will be writing to the Mayor of Wilmington, Mike Purzycki to congratulate the town on the rise of Joe Biden to the prestigious office of President of the USA.

"Although our Twin Towns initiative has not been active since 2011, we still have good links to all the towns and it is so nice to be able to share in and enjoy their success stories."