Asda shoppers have been targeted by scammers posing as the supermarket's chief executive Roger Burnley.

Fraudulent adverts have been posted across Facebook offering shoppers a free £35 gift box if they enter their personal and bank details.

The adverts, which were discovered by Parliament Street think tank's cyber rescue teams, falsely include a message from Burnley despite the features photo being of a random man.

More than 4000 people have liked the advert, while more than 5000 Facebook users commented on it, many thanking the grocer.

“My name is Roger Burnley and I am the CEO of ASDA Inc,” the advert reads.

“I have an announcement to make – To celebrate our 71st Anniversary this year we are giving everyone who shares and comments by 11.59pm tonight one of these gift boxes containing a £35 ASDA voucher plus surprises that will make your heart flutter.”

This is the second scam of its kind in as many months, after cyber criminals using a near identical advert posing as Marks and Spencer in October.

Cyber security company Centrify’s Andy Heather said: “This is the latest in a series of online scams utilising social media posts to fool shoppers into handing over their bank details.

“Companies must do more to educate workers about the cyber risks associated with remote working, and ensure they have the security systems in place to verify the identify of staff, to keep hackers locked out from the company systems.”